Structural Engineering

  • GRANBY LIBRARY Granby, Colorado
  • REDSTONE COKE OVENS Pitkin County, Colorado
    Stabilization and restoration
    Colorado State University
  • ATLAS CENTER Boulder, Colorado
    University of Colorado
  • THE WOMEN'S CLINIC Fort Collins, Colorado
    Poudre Valley Health System

JVA’s structural engineering department focuses on building design and is experienced in all conventional building systems. The structural engineering department has a broad client base, extensive experience using alternative materials, and experience designing special structures. Within the structural department is our Historic Preservation team, who specialize in archaic materials and forensic engineering services.

JVA’s structural project portfolio includes:

  • K-12 and Higher Education Facilities
  • Government and Municipal Buildings
  • Resort Facilities
  • Parks, Recreation, and Camp Facilities
  • Healthcare, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings
  • Residential, Senior, and Multi-family Housing
  • Historic Preservation

Our reputation is based on providing excellent service and producing thorough, well-coordinated construction documents. REVIT Building Information Modeling (BIM) is widely used to facilitate coordination with the design and construction team. JVA’s Revit User Group (RUG) regularly meets to provide ongoing training for our staff. Additionally, we have rigorous internal and external technical trainings to provide staff with multiple opportunities for professional development.

JVA has experience with all project delivery methods, and we have completed numerous projects using Design-Build construction. With professional registrations across the country, our structural teams develop expertise in the design of buildings for heavy snow loads, high wind and flood forces, and we have extensive experience in areas of high seismicity. Other areas of expertise include climbing walls, signage, lighting support, art displays, auditorium/stage rigging, timber frame structures, photovoltaic arrays, retaining walls and vehicular and pedestrian bridges.

JVA structural engineers work across Colorado and nationwide. Our offices are located downtown Boulder, Fort Collins, Winter Park, Glenwood Springs, and Denver. All offices offer structural engineering consulting services.