Civil and Structural Engineering

Quarry Exhibit Hall Rehabilitation

In the 1960s, the Quarry Visitor Center was constructed as part of the NPS’s Mission 66 initiative. Originally, the building not only served as the park visitor center, but also housed and showcased intact fossils embedded in the hillside. Incidentally, the highly expansive soils beneath the building adversely affected the structure over its short lifespan with differential superstructure movement, enough so to warrant temporarily closing the building. JVA performed life safety monitoring prior to the rehabilitation. The rehabilitation included foundation underpinning using micropiles, replacing the storefront with a curtain wall system that can accommodate building movement, a ramp providing accessibility, and integration of sustainable features. JVA’s micropile design was featured in Civil Engineering magazine. Meanwhile, JVA designed a new visitor center in the park that is not sited on dipping bedrock.

Location: Dinosaur National Park, UT

Budget: $8M

Square Feet: 11,000