Environmental Engineering

Lamar Main Street Water Distribution System Replacement

Since 2013, JVA has been part of the design team for the replacement of the potable water distribution system within the Main Street Corridor (HWY 287) in the City of Lamar. The project was triggered by a CDOT Road Resurfacing Project that would crumble the City’s existing asbestos cement (AC) distribution piping under Main St. The project includes the replacement of approximately 12,000 feet of the existing AC piping with 6-, 8-, and 12-inch C900 PVC. This project also includes a 500 linear feet horizontal directional drill (HDD) with 16-inch HDPE DR9.

The project consists of replacing existing lead services with PE services, distribution isolation valves, fire hydrants, and ground hydrants to water flower pots lining Main Street. JVA worked closely with the City and CDOT through the planning phase, preparation of a Preliminary Engineering Report (PER), and the final design. JVA worked with CDOT to secure funding from their Regional Priority Project (RPP) funds. JVA also worked with the City to secure a funding package from multiple sources, including two DOLA Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund (EIAF) grants, two SRF Drinking Water Revolving Fund (DWRF) grants, and an SRF DWRF loan.

Location: Lamar, CO