Environmental Engineering

City of Montrose Regulation 85 Study, CPE and Headworks

JVA was selected by the City of Montrose to perform a Comprehensive Performance Evaluation (CPE) and Regulation 85 Study on their 4.3 MGD WWTP. The CPE focused on the condition and capacity of each major process including headworks, influent pump station, oxidation ditches, clarifiers, and biosolids handling facilities. Data was used to complete a Biowin model of the existing facility and its ability to meet Regulation 85 effluent limits. The CPE resulted in the identification and prioritization of near-term and long-term process improvements. A detailed evaluation was completed on the headworks which was identified as the top priority and most limiting process. Alternatives were evaluated and a detailed opinion of probable cost was prepared.

Following completion of the Comprehensive Performance Evaluation and Biological Nutrient removal study, JVA was selected by the City of Montrose to evaluate screening and washer compactor options for the City’s 4.3 MGD wastewater treatment facility. Following the detailed evaluation which included multiple plant tours with operations staff, JVA provided permitting, design and construction services for a new influent fine step-screen, washer compactor and replacement of the grit pumps, shafts and seals. The project also included improvements to their aerated grit chamber and level control system for the influent screw pump station.

Location: Montrose, CO