Environmental Engineering

Berthoud Wastewater Treatment Plant

JVA worked on the WWTP Biosolids project upgrading the existing solids handling facility by adding a new 1.0 MG aerobic digester. The upgrades included new centrifuge feed pumps, transfer/recirculation pumps, blowers, aeration grid system, and decant capability with all related controls. The upgrade enabled the Town to meet Regulation 40, Class B biosolids standards at an equivalent influent flow rate of 2.0 MGD. The assessment included wastewater characterization and modeling to determine what improvements or operation modifications would be needed for the facility to meet Regulation 85 effluent nutrient requirements. Design for improvements to replace a failed grit chamber, grit pump and grit classifier for the WWTP headworks, expansion of the aerobic digestion process, launder/weir covers for the clarifiers, HVAC for the UV building and new effluent flow metering system.

Location: Berthoud, CO