Water Treatment and Distribution

JVA excels in water treatment and distribution for private, municipal and special district clients. Our water expertise includes growth and flow projections, utility plan preparation, treatment alternatives analysis and selection, collection system modeling, lift station design, master plans and CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) development, bidding and construction services, and preliminary through final design document preparation.  

JVA is experienced assessing water supply distribution systems, creating models to determine domestic and fire requirements and designing elements to maximize the effectiveness of the current system while performing cost-effective upgrades.  JVA possesses the expertise necessary to investigate, evaluate, design, and monitor the construction of municipal infrastructure renovations, replacements, and service expansions. 

We design all elements of water supply systems, including raw water development, diversion structures, deep rock wells, treatment systems and permits, buried and elevated storage tanks, booster pumping stations, cross connection control, and disinfection systems.