Environmental Engineering

    Wastewater treatment plant expansion
  • TOWN OF MEAD WWTP Mead, Colorado
    New facility
  • ROUND UP RIVER RANCH Avon, Colorado
    New facility
  • TOWN OF RYE Rye, Colorado
    New membrane
  • CRESTED BUTTE SOUTH WWTP Crested Butte South, Colorado
    New wastewater treatment plant


JVA has a thorough understanding of activated sludge wastewater treatment plants (extended aeration, conventional, oxidation ditch, and sequencing batch reactor), lagoon systems, membrane bioreactors, constructed wetlands, disinfection systems, and biosolids processes. Our wastewater expertise encompasses the following components:

  • Facility evaluations
  • Treatment alternative analysis
  • Growth and flow projections
  • Master plans
  • Complete design documentation
  • Bidding and construction services
  • Collection system and lift station evaluation and design
  • Respirometry
  • SCADA system design and integration

We are also adept at providing state regulatory documentation and approval services including: site applications, 201 and utility plans, discharge permit negotiations, and state and federal loan applications.


JVA is proficient in assessing water supply distribution systems, creating models to determine domestic and fire requirements, and designing elements to maximize the effectiveness of the current system while performing cost-effective upgrades. JVA has the experience and expertise necessary to investigate, evaluate, design, and monitor the construction of municipal infrastructure renovations, replacements, and service expansions. We are familiar with the primary drinking water regulations, have good working relationships with state regulators, are capable of complete water treatment system design services.

We have prepared designs for all elements of water supply systems, including:

  • Raw water development/Diversion structures
  • Deep rock wells
  • Treatment systems and permits
  • Buried and elevated storage tanks
  • Booster pumping stations
  • Cross connection control
  • Disinfection systems

JVA environmental engineers work across Colorado and nationwide. Our offices are located downtown Boulder, Fort Collins, Winter Park, Glenwood Springs, and Denver. All offices offer environmental engineering consulting services.