• JVA Staff Boulder


View all departments and offices as a singular team.

JVA demonstrates honest, respectful and ethical behavior with both employees and clients.

Central to JVA, spreading our vision outward, while serving as a resource and providing mentorship and allowing every employee the opportunity for direct contact with company leadership.

Open Company
Facilitate the free flow of information through our open-door and open-book culture.

Encourage all employees to initiate change and make decisions.

Employee Resource Groups
Women’s Impact Network, Young Professionals and LGBTQ+ groups are a way to have employee participation.

Professional Collaboration 
Create a work environment across all departments founded on teamwork and camaraderie.


Commitment to Quality
Deliver superior services and documentation supported by our Quality Assurance and Quality Control process.

Provide education, up-to-date technology, and tools to keep JVA on the leading edge of our industry.

Corporate Branding
Show pride in JVA. Focus on quality projects, client satisfaction, and presenting a recognizable presence in the market.


Foster a culture of respect, collaboration, diversity, and accountability internally and with clients. JVA created a Racial Equity committee dedicated to working on initiatives internally and externally.

Caring Company
Support co-workers, clients, families, and community. Maintain excellent relationships with co-workers and clients.

Sponsorship and employee volunteer opportunities are ways to give back to our community. Providing scholarships and support to underrepresented individuals is our community responsibility.

Social Atmosphere
Promote a variety of fun social events throughout the year including a holiday party, ski day, cookouts, and family outings.

Honor our connection with former employees and respect JVA’s history. JVA is an employee owned company that ensures strong leadership transitions.


Competitive Benefits
Treat employees fairly and reward dedication, loyalty, and hard work with competitive benefits and compensation. JVA’s leadership is employee-centric, and remains open to reviewing our benefits and policies.

Employee Retention
Hire and retain outstanding individuals for the long term. Individual professional development and personal fulfillment is key to retention. JVA provides mentorship, peer advisement, annual performance reviews, career planning, and personal skill training.

Celebrate long-term commitment to JVA with Length of Service awards, personal stock ownership opportunities, Associate Program, and technical and corporate leadership development.

JVA provides our clients with the highest quality engineering services consistent with operating a profitable business while maintaining our strong and cohesive culture.

Since 1956, JVA has grown from a two-person firm to the 130+ employee-owned company of today. With this growth, we recognize the importance of maintaining our values and culture. Employees at JVA are encouraged to contribute to enhancing the company’s culture, and our leadership has listed these defining elements.